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A build up of ear wax or cerumen is not uncommon. Symptoms include itchiness, crackling sounds, ear discomfort, increased awareness of tinnitus, dizziness and a generally blocked ear. 

Our body generally does a good job of dispensing our ear wax, however, problems do occur. A few drops of olive oil can work to soften the wax and for some this will do the trick. However, for more stubborn wax, you really need to book an appointment with your GP or Audiologist.

There are three typical methods for ear wax removal: Mechanical Removal using instruments such as curettes or loop, Irrigation (or Syringing) which uses water flushed into the ear canal and removal by Microsuction which uses a low powered suction probe. We can provide all three methods during our home visits and in most cases this results in successful ear wax removal after just one visit.

Our ear wax removal appointments usually take around 45mins to complete.

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