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Here to help with your hearing needs

Glen using TympaHealth camera

Irrigation and Microsuction

Safe effective removal of troublesome ear wax. We use state of the art video otoscopy to clearly visualise the ear canal whilst safely removing the ear wax. We are able to offer both Irrigation and Microsuction methods of removal which usually results in successful wax removal after just one visit.

Lady having hearing tested

Complete and comprehensive hearing assessments.

We provide a comprehensive hearing evaluation service which enables us to assess the severity of your hearing loss and make personalised recommendations to help you manage this.

Image of person wearing a hearing aid

Partnering with Phonak and Unitron to deliver the latest in hearing aid technology.

Our range of hearing aids deliver a crisp, natural sound and are market leaders in providing brilliant speech understanding. Your Audiologist will make personalised recommendations based on your personal requirements.

Pennybank House Haworth Hearing Clinic

Mobile Clinics in West Yorkshire

In addition to our home visiting service we will be running Ear Wax Removal Clinics in various locations throughout West Yorkshire. This is a new addition to our service and further clinics are to be announced soon!

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