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PHONAK AUDÉO™ LUMITY - another great step in the right direction for Hearing Aid technology.

Phonak have recently released their latest hearing aids, Phonak Audéo™ Lumity, and we thought this was a good time give a brief update on the latest technology available to existing hearing aid users and those thinking of trying hearing aids for the first time.

Phonak are showcasing their latest and most advanced technology available to date, providing the greatest chance of hearing conversation in background noise. The much-anticipated launch of Phonak Audéo™ Lumity is built on the success of the Paradise range of hearing aids; the most successful hearing aid platform ever released by Phonak. When it comes to hearing aid brands, you can’t get much bigger than Phonak - their devices are found in more than 100 countries worldwide. The Switzerland based company is part of the Sonova Group and has been in the hearing aid business since 1947. Their reputation for sturdy, reliable and innovative technologies has produced everything from the first truly invisible hearing aid, Lyric, to the world’s first and only rechargeable waterproof hearing aid, Audéo Life. This, coupled with the excellent feedback received from customers, are reasons why we, at The Mobile Hearing Clinic Ltd., are strong advocates for the Phonak hearing aid range. Now with the launch of Lumity, the game is changing even further and is benefiting hearing aid users to hear significantly better in background noise than ever before.

Phonak’s latest technological breakthrough is focused on hearing speech in background noise - one of the major concerns of many of our customers living with hearing loss. Phonak have upgraded their current speech in noise feature to StereoZoom 2.0 which has improved the hearing aid’s ability to reduce unwanted background noise and provide greater focus on conversation from the front. The advantage of this feature is that it now provides a gradual, more modified response to the environment that allows focused speech recognition when facing the speaker. This directional microphone technology has become even more adaptive and, based on industry white paper research, was said to give 16% better speech understanding in noise.

In addition, further innovation is found in Phonak’s SpeechSensor technology, where microphone settings detect speech from the left, right and even behind. Industry research suggests that 80% of conversations take place from the front, with the remaining 20% being made up from conversations from the sides or behind. Older technologies were focused so aggressively on capturing speech from the front they disregarded speech from the sides and behind. Consequently, users often described their experience as listening in a bubble, and unnatural. SpeechSensor technology, intelligently, identifies speech from the sides and the rear giving a more 360 degree listening experience, sounding much more natural. Industry research suggests a 15% improvement on speech recognition from the side and the rear, resulting in better speech clarity and reduced listening effort. For hearing aid users, focusing on one conversation whilst trying to cancel out background noise can take a lot of effort and in reducing this effort, cognitive resources are freed for other purposes other than listening – i.e. simply relaxing and enjoying the conversation!

Combining the SteroZoom 2.0 and SpeechSensor technologies has resulted in a hearing aid from Phonak which delivers a more intelligent response to noisy environments and provides the user with an overall, improved listening experience.

With each generation of hearing aid, we see encouraging advancements in technology which are all steps in the right direction for hearing aids users:

  • Improvements in speech clarity

  • Greater ability to hear in background noise

  • Reduced listening effort

  • Rechargeable aids

  • Seamless connectivity to other devices

  • Waterproof technology

  • Apps to aid user control and track health data

And all this packaged into discreet and stylish devices!

The Mobile Hearing Clinic Ltd. already has customers enjoying the new Phonak Lumity technology and the feedback and results so far, have been very positive. We write this blog in the hope that it is already 'null and void' and that the next step in technological advancement for hearing aid users has already been made and will require an up to date blog from us very soon!

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